Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Happy Marriage of Friends

A very good friend of mine got married yesterday...sort of. The legal wedding took place back in February in a private ceremony. Yesterday was the public ceremony, and it was a beautiful thing. Both she and her husband lost their previous mates to cancer in the last five years, and it was wonderful to see my friend and her new husband "find" each other as soul mates, even though they've been friends for many years.
Abe and Dianne's Barn
My friend asked me to design a custom guest registry artwork for her special day, and it was an honor to do so. Her husband was a pig farmer for many years and is still working in the pork production industry, and she is an extremely talented amateur photographer. The piece is called "Pigs and Pix." It draws together some of the facts of their life: his pigs, her photography and love of nature and cats; their connection to church where they met, and the colors of October in Lancaster County, where they've lived their entire lives.
Buggy and Church
Guests signed their names with silver metallic pen in the clouds above the landscape, making them a "great cloud of witnesses" of the special union of two friends in holy matrimony.
Pigs and Pix; 18"x24" watercolor on 140 lb. hot-press


  1. Enchanting. I wish I were Mary Poppins so I could jump in there and spend the afternoon. You are so talented!

    1. Thanks, Katie! That made me smile. Now I want to watch "Mary Poppins"!