Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Little Button--It's a Big Deal

It only took five months to click the little button that says, "Open Your Shop." Anyone who knows me knows that I usually have no trouble pressing buttons. It's kind of a joke among my peers and former co-workers. But, pushing this button was a little terrifying. It means I'm really doing this. And, I am.

I managed to get 15 items listed, which is slightly less than my goal. It was a chore to get the first few items ready, but it finally started to get a little easier at around number 13 or so. All the while, my fears mounted. "Am I doing this right?" "Will anyone even like my stuff?" "Ahhh. Why is this so hard?!" The fears are strangely reassuring, because all artists go through periods of fear. It's irrational, but it's there.

Seriously, I'm not usually this neurotic or worried about my abilities, but somehow this is different. It's mine. All mine. It will be what I make it...or it won't. So, I humbly point you to the virtual storefront of Blu Jar Studio. I hope you find something you love or at least some potential of things you'll love in the future.

Click here to look around my new shop. I wish I could offer you free coffee and donuts, like you get at a proper grand opening, but alas, you'll have to go to your own kitchen for that. You're better off. I make terrible coffee!
Blu Jar Studio logo